Temples of God
Welcome to those searching for a
higher plane of consciousness.

A COUPLE BIBLE VERSES TO GET THINGS STARTED:  "Don't you know that you are the Temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you? If anyone defiles the Temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the Temple of God is holy, which Temple you are."  I Corinthians 3:16,17

EAT HEALTH FOOD. No alcohol, smoking, or drugs. If we can't agree on that, nothing else herein will make sense anyway.

A BASIC FORMULA: Let's put together our basic beliefs in new combinations for new times: Religion plus science plus health plus common sense.

KEY WORDS: God, positive thinking, health food, family, clan, various forms of tribalism and nationalism - In the image of God - Optimum living at all dimensions, the maximum the Higher Powers will allow.

MAGNETIC DUALISM, A BASIC PATTERN IN NATURE: A theme throughout the book: North-south poles on a magnet, positive-negative electricity, female-male in biology, rhythm-chords in music, leptons-quarks in sub-atomic particles, geometry-numbers in mathematics, emotion-logic in psychology, leaders-followers in society, to love your neighbor (or society) as yourself (a magnetic balance). Everything tends to be in a balanced harmony.

AN AGE OF HEALTH: In a healthy person, in their psychology, things tend to rock back and forth between emotion and logic, or emotion and intuition and common sense, and a person can be said to be on their rocker. "Except", when alcohol and drugs are involved, and the common sense centers are damaged more than the logical centers, so a person becomes sensual, logical and dominance oriented without morals or common sense, with half a brain, a perverted one pole magnet, and off their rocker, a situation which describes much of human civilization for the past 10,000 years, and which this web-site would like to help turn around into an AGE OF HEALTH.

A "LOVE-BOMB" SOCIETY: The Bible says "God is love". Correct? And also says that the heavens and earth are blown away by the presence of God. Correct? So that God is both "love", and like an "explosion", so that God can be described, with a little creative logic, as a "love-bomb". Correct? And we are in the image of God, at least if we live up to our potential.

What does science have to say about all of this? The Mandelbrot Set, the most complicated math equation ever discovered, and central to many natural processes (Order in the Chaos - Synchronicity through Fractals) is shaped like a heart with a circle below it. A circle of love at the center of the cosmic order? There is another theory of "zero point energy" and "global scalar theory", some versions of which say that much of reality follows patterns of an explosive shock wave, such as the sequence of prime numbers. If we arbitrarily combine Mandelbrot set with global scalar theory, a circle of love with an explosive pattern, we again get a love-bomb at the center of the cosmos!

So whether we are dealing with Biblical theology, or secular scientific mathematics, we arrive at the same conclusion, that the center of the cosmic order is a LOVE-BOMB!
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