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Author and Editor of "Temples Of God And Health".

John M. Williams has a B.S. in mathematics, graduating in the bottom seven percent (as you know, we can’t all be above average), from a Bible based liberal arts college, best left unnamed because of differences in theology, with a few classes in engineering from three colleges in the Missouri state university system, where he learned about the scientific method - question, gather information, test, repeat - which he applies to religion, economics, politics, culture, romance, and entertainment.

He also taught seventh grade mathematics one year in the public school system on the military base at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Based on his experiences, he would strongly suggest that parents home school their children.

He likes to read a lot, and looks for important but controversial information, anything to liven up a conversation.  He is also interested in health foods, from which he has learned the following:

One third of the mummies in ancient Egypt, 1,500 B.C., tested positive for cocaine a New World drug - according to a documentary on Public Television. The Egyptians also had a couple dozen types of beer and many types of wine.  Sex and booze figured in Egyptian rites - Archaeologists find evidence for ancient version of 'Girls Gone Wild'.   Politicians ever since have been known or rumored to be abusing alcohol and drugs, from Roman Caesars to Ted Kennedy to Bill Clinton to George Bush…

Alcohol and B vitamin deficiencies are known to cause aggressive-suicidal behavior, and damage common sense centers of the brain.  Three drinks or more of alcohol per day are known to cause measurable brain shrinkage, and most world banking, entertainment, and political leaders drink at that level or more, so the world is led by people with shrunken brains, who are looking for aggressive-suicidal answers lacking in common sense to whatever situations may be before them.

The book, Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets, 2007, by William Bonner, a wealthy Episcopalian financial advisor, and Lila Rajiva, journalist and financial writer, basically tells us in a humorous, well researched fashion that the international bankers, the ones that most of the politicians and public bow down to, other than aggressively swindling the public, don’t know what they are doing.

Within this situation, the author put together some information which is beneficial to himself, and is making it available to others, on the basis it may also be beneficial to them, and believes it has the potential to contribute to a new, healthier social order.

May God’s will be done on earth as in heaven, JW.

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